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Mystical Shopping

Few places offer the kind of spiritual shopping you will find in Sedona Arizona. True, there are other southwest destinations that come close. But Sedona stands unique in its combination of stunning beauty, mystical and mythical locations, religious and cultural significance, and incredibly easy access to all of it. In that way, Sedona is unlike anywhere else.

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Families Love Slide Rock

As you head into Sedona travel south along highway 89a. As you near town, you will pass Slide Rock state park on your right. Originally little more than a lazy fishing hole (with staggering scenery!) Slide Rock has become a favorite destination for family vacations in Sedona. Easy parking is available. Families will enjoy being able to access the main areas of the park on foot. Most activities are only a few hundred feet of the main parking area.

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Driving To Sedona

Finding Sedona is easy from almost every direction. And getting to Sedona from either north or south means barely having to leave the major highways. In fact, Sedona lies along the primary north-south corridor in Arizona, just off Highway 17 between Phoenix and Flagstaff.

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An Easy Canyon Hike

Located just northwest of downtown Sedona is the amazing Boynton canyon. This canyon, accessible from directly beyond the entrance to the Enchantment Resort. For guests in Sedona vacation rentals, Boynton Canyon is just a few miles west of downtown Sedona.

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