As you head into Sedona travel south along highway 89a. As you near town, you will pass Slide Rock state park on your right. Originally little more than a lazy fishing hole (with staggering scenery!) Slide Rock has become a favorite destination for family vacations in Sedona. Easy parking is available. Families will enjoy being able to access the main areas of the park on foot. Most activities are only a few hundred feet of the main parking area.

Whether you are staying in Sedona vacation rentals, timeshares, or whatever. your kids will really enjoy this adventure. With the shallow clear river there is ample opportunity to spot any number of swimming creatures. No Sedona travel adventure is complete without seeing some of the amazing wildlife that abounds in the area. It is not uncommon to see more than just a few fish in the river.

Activities like Slide Rock are the perfect compliment to Sedona vacation rentals. Families enjoying the area will certainly appreciate and enjoy the easy access to outdoor activities in Sedona.

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